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Driver prerequisites: For categories A, B, B1 and C the minimum age required for rental and driving of a rental vehicle is 21 years old. For categories D and E, the minimum required age is 23 years old. The driving license must have been issued at least one year before the start of the rental period. The driving license must be issued by a country within the European Union or alternatively the driver must hold an International Driving Permit. In the case of an International Driving Permit, it must be accompanied by a driving license issued by the rental car driver’s country.

Method of Payment: Payment is required at the time of rental in cash or by credit card (issued in the main driver’s name). We accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay, Discover Global Network.


In the price of the car are included:

  • Third Party Liability covers third person towards property damages and bodily injuries.
  • PAI- (Personal Accident Insurance) for passengers.
  • PAI- (Personal Accident Insurance) for driver.
  • Insurance coverage amounts are set by insurance laws where the car is rented.
  • Fire Insurance is included with NO excess.
  • TPC (Theft Protection Cover) is included with NO excess.
  • Windows Insurance is included with NO excess. Lights and mirrors are excluded.
  • CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), with excess.
  • 24hours Road Assistance
  • 24hours Accident Care
  • No charges will be made if the damage is proven not to be the fault of the renter up to a minimum amount of 700€

In the price are not included:

  • FDW (Full Damage Waiver) mean that the car is insured towards collision damages also caused by the renter,
  • Underneath damages of the car, broken tires (if the clients go off road) and damages to the interior of the car are not covered.

Excess amount:

When you hire a car from anywhere, you are liable of the amount needed for repairs or replacement of the car in case of an accident or damage. This is called excess amount and is been holed on your credit card (or cash deposit) at the collection of the hired car. This amount is been returned at the end of the rental period.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver):

CDW is included in all of our vehicles and covers damages from and to the rented vehicle. CDW is offered with excess.


In case of an accident or damage to your rented vehicle, CDW covers the cost of the damage. Excess is the amount you need to pay and it is:

700€+VAT   for Group A, A1.

800€+VAT   for Group B, B1.

900€+VAT   for Group C, C1.

1500€+VAT   for Group D, D1

2000€+VAT for Group E, E1, D2.

FDW (Full Damage Waiver) with no excess:

Stress less Insurance, CDW covers damages but you need to pay a part of them, FDW protects your excess and it will be returned to you in case of an accident. FDW surcharge per day:

8€/per rental day, if accepted and signed the relevant terms in the rental agreement for Group A, A1

8€/per rental day, if accepted and signed the relevant terms in the rental agreement for Group B, B1

9€/per rental day, if accepted and signed the relevant terms in the rental agreement for Group C, C1

10€/per rental day, if accepted and signed the relevant terms in the rental agreement for Group D, D1

10€/per rental day, if accepted and signed the relevant terms in the rental agreement for Group E, E1.

No insurance is valid for events caused when the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medicinal drugs affecting driving performance. No insurance is valid for off-road driving, dangerous manoeuvres and neglecting driving, transportation of illegal substances and objects, violation of the KOK (Greek Highway Code), road traffic laws or any other laws or caused by objects extending the perimeter of the vehicle due to incorrect loading. Driver must respect our property (car) and treat the car as it’s own.
Damages to the interior and underneath the car are also not covered.


1. Additional driver: First free and 2Euro per day for the next .The terms and conditions stated for the main driver apply to any additional driver(s).

2. Child seats and booster seats. Available upon request at the time of booking. The first child seat or booster is provided free of charge. For any additional, there is a charge of 3€ per day/each, with a maximum charge of €42,00/each.

3 Back seat cover for pets. Its use is mandatory and free of charge. Any damage in the interior is paid by the renter.

4 GPS. Available upon request, at the time of booking: There is a charge of 4€ per day, with a maximum charge period of 14 days.

5 Thule Roof box, 410lt capacity (maximum load 100Kg). Available upon request, at the time of booking: There is a charge of 6€ per day, with a maximum charge period of 14 days. Only available on Group A.

6. Additional passenger seat/s in Group D. For the creation of a total of 6 or 7 seats. Available upon request, at the time of booking: There is a charge of 5€ per day, with a maximum charge period of 14 days.

7. Wi-Fi on board. Available upon request, at the time of booking. Minimum charge, 13€. Up to 5 devices can be supported simultaneously.

Accident, Theft or Damage of the car:

In the case of an accident, theft, fire or other incident, the renter should ensure passengers’ and his/her own safety, then he/she is required to immediately notify the Police and car hire company, to collect names, addresses and phone numbers of eyewitnesses and any relevant information from third parties. Liability or fault tolerance and third parties claims must not be accepted in any way, directly or indirectly.  A written report to the police and photos of the incident are mandatory. When you return the car you have also to make a theft or a damage report with our company.

In case the rented car is involved in an accident, the car must not be removed from place of accident until police report has been completed and the car rental company has been notified. If you have an accident and you have not informed the car rental company and the police the insurance will not cover you at any case.

In case of other damages to the rented car, the above procedure should also be followed. If the vehicle is damaged while parked you have to report the damage to the car rental company before the car is moved.

It is mandatory for the client to file a police report in case of theft and to turn this document in to the car rental company. It is essential that you also inform any theft to the car rental company immediately. Documents of the car and the keys of the car must be handed to the car rental company.

The client must report all damages IMMEDIATELY to the car rental company.

In case of mechanical breakdown contact the car rental company.

Loss / locked key: For each vehicle there is a spare key. If the renter loses the key or locks it in the vehicle, he/she must immediately inform Tracer car rentals, without attempting in any way or means to operate or the break into the vehicle. The cost of either making a new key, or calling the locksmith or transferring the backup key is borne by the renter. Replacement key charge, 100Euro.

The insurance does not cover anything from the damages in case that the car is driven by somebody which is not indicated to the contract at the time of picking up the car.

Car Rental Information

The car rental voucher must be presented when picking up your rental car.

Fuel policy: All fuel used during the rental period is to be paid for by the renter. The renter is required to return the rental vehicle with the same amount of fuel in the tank as at the time of the start of the rental period. This amount will be stated in the contract or on the car condition sheet. If the fuel is at a lower level on return, a fuel service charge of 5€ will be applied on top of the cost of fuel replacement. There is no refund if the car is returned with more fuel as when collected.

If you don’t know the flight number and time during your reservation, you have to contact us, when you will be informed by the airline company. By that we will be able to wait for your flight even in case of a delay. In case we are not notified at least 3 days earlier from your flight, we are not liable for cars not delivered due to flight issues (delays, changes or cancellations).

If there is no flight number you have to inform the company about the way to get the car and the exact place you would like to be delivered. For example, if you would like your car to be delivered in a hotel of Chania city, you have to choose Chania HOTEL and in the message body you could write about the Hotel Name and the street number in which is located. If the hotel is outside of Chania area there is extra charge 20Euro each way delivery and collection.

For renting a car in port we need the name of the ferry and arrival time.

Period of rental

Minimum rental is 24hrs.

Rental days are based on a 24-hour basis, commencing at the time as in the voucher.

For each additional hour and up to three hours there is a surcharge of 1/3 of the daily charge. After three hours, a full day rental will be charged.

Out of  hour charge

The company services you 24 hours every day. If your arrival or departure is out of office hours (07.00- 21.30) there will be an extra charge of 25Euro.

Hotel Deliveries/ Collections

For deliveries and collections outside of Chania area there is an extra charge of 30Euro for each way.

One way rentals

One way rental will be charged 35Euro. For example if somebody rent the car from Heraklion Airport and return it in Chania Airport there is an extra charge 35Euro.
For one way rental the minimum rental is 3 days.

All rentals are charged in 24h basis. A full day of rental is charged, no matter in which part of the 24h this has been used.

Long Term Rentals: New rental agreement every 30days.

Traffic violations: All fines and other penalties incurred are born solely by the renter, who is also charged with an extra €20.00 administration fee, which is charged irrespective of driver’s liability and under no circumstances will the fee be refunded.

Personal Information: During the lease, Tracer Car Rentals have at its disposal all personal data of the renter, which can be used in any case the renter would breach the terms of this agreement. Tracer Car Rentals does not lend, rent or sell these personal data to any third party, in any manner or for any reason, other than for reason of a court or Public Prosecutor’s intervention.

Fleet Availability: Tracer Car Rentals reserves the right to provide, subject to availability, a different type of car, of an equivalent or higher class and does not guarantee a particular model or brand of vehicle.

Transport of the vehicle by Sea: Allowed only with prior written agreement with Tracer Car Rentals.  Note:  Any damage to or losses from the vehicle in transit will not be covered by any insurance provided by Tracer Car Rentals.

These Terms and Conditions as well as the Prices therein can be changed at the discretion of Tracer Car Rentals without prior notice.

Any and every dispute that may arise between the parties to a rental agreement covered by these Terms and Conditions is under the jurisdiction of courts of Chania.

Please check your needs at the time of booking (number and size of suitcases you have, how many persons you are, how long you are going to stay e.t.c.).